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Molly Priddy is a copywriter and editor with a decade of award-winning newspaper experience and essays in publications such as The Guardian, The Toast, Catapult, Autostraddle, MEL, VICE, and more.

Copywriting projects include articles, features, ad copy, newsletters, blogs, and marketing campaigns. She likes working on projects and with people that bring about creativity and understanding, along with some humor and wit.

When she’s not working on projects or reading excellent fiction, you can usually find her with my dog and cold seltzer, enjoying the outdoors. For bad jokes and dog photos, follow her Twitter.


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For Vice’s newsletter, This Is Fine, I got to talk about how much I love watching the ‘Real Housewives’ of anywhere, and how my divorce changed how I view these women after I identified with Bethenny Frankel.

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For Vice, I wrote about how to navigate Pride as a sober person, with tips for parties and parades and look at how substance-use issues can affect the LGBTQ community.


For Autostraddle, I wrote about how the mountains and forests of Northwest Montana were where I felt the freest as a queer person, but I didn’t know that feeling had queer roots going back 100 years, to when my doppelgänger was wandering the same woods.


I wrote and received a grant to pay for extensive reporting and a website dedicated to the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women in the United States and Canada. Writing these pieces took research, tact, empathy, and teamwork.


For Mel Magazine, I took a trip north to an amazing community called Polebridge, where they are moving into the future using modern and traditional methods to exist without power lines, phone service, or pavement.

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For The Guardian, I wrote about growing up with the idea of what it means to be a cowboy and a good neighbor, and how those are put to the test in today’s world.


For the Flathead Beacon, I went to Montana’s first-ever Bigfoot believers convention, and found all kinds of folks who wanted to share their stories. It ended up being a story of community and being yourself, which is something we could stand more of today.

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Also for the Flathead Beacon, read about my journey to the Polar Bear Club, where we jumped into 34-degree water in January in Montana because that’s what living is about, according to Polar Bear Rick.